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Quality assurance on our own test bench in Stetten (Austria)

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Quality assurance on our own test field in Stetten (Austria)

In order to ensure the consistently high quality of our pump units and systems, our products have to pass the test bench before delivery. In most cases, this is accompanied by proof of performance and an acceptance test (according to ISO 9906) in the presence of the customers.

The following guidelines apply to the design and testing of fluid Pumping units:

  • API 610
  • ISO 5199
  • ISO 2858
  • EN 12162
  • ISO 9906
  • Hydraulic Institute, etc

The test comprises the hydrostatic pressure test of the pump housing, the flushing system and the piping with a test pressure of 1.5x permissible operating pressure (MAWP) and a performance test. The performance test shall be carried out with the test medium and the output dates will be calculed to the operation conditiions. This means that a wide range of hydromechanical machines can be tested directly on site with regard to all test series typical and acceptance-relevant characteristics.

The entire test bench can also be made available to other companies within the scope of the options listed. Contact us!

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